Is there parking in Cardiff on rugby match days?

Typically on rugby match days, the roads within Cardiff city centre are closed off to cars so the best place to park on rugby match days are just outside of the city centre such as Gol Football Centres and Ysgol Pwll Coch (which can be pre-booked online).

Where do you park when visiting Principality Stadium?

As the centre of Cardiff is closed off to cars, parking just outside the city centre is recommended. Places such as Gol Football Centres and Ysgol Pwll Coch are just over a 20 minute walk away and have the benefit of being the only places pre-bookable online, guaranteeing you a parking space. It’s also recommended if you want a quick exit out of the city after the game has ended.

Does Cardiff Principality Stadium have parking?

The Principality Stadium itself has very limited parking which is not generally open to the public to use (unless you have a disabled badge).

Where can you park for Cardiff City games?

We recommend using Gol Football Centres and Ysgol Pwll Coch as locations for parking for Cardiff City games. They are both pre-bookable online.

If booking at Gol Football Centres, you will get a bar voucher in return which almost covers the cost of the parking. The voucher can be used on anything in the bar such as hot and cold beverages as well as hot and cold food.